Juan Castellano – Mentoring Program

Juan Castellano
Mentoring Program
May, 2017
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JC Mentoring Program began to be organized in the summer period (July and August) in 2012. This program was requested by professionals from all over the world belonging to the fitness and health area who already had contact with JC in some of their international courses and conventions.

The contents of the Mentoring Program is based on the prescription of exercises applied to special populations and people with pathologies very prevalent today. To access this intensive 30-hour program it is very important that you write a letter explaining your professional status and your goals and objectives. If you are a student of health sciences, medicine, physiotherapy, nursing or physical activity sciences, this is a program that will give you a huge insight and help you choose your specialty in this area. The conditions of access imply the responsibility of reserving your registration since only 8 places are offered in this program. If you want to know more details about the content, we will make an appointment with you to explain everything you want to know. The program is developed in South Tenerife in Juan Castellano’s studio and is equipped with all the necessary equipment. The studio is located a few meters from one of the most attractive beach areas of South Tenerife.