Obłąkany Obłok – Strachy Na Lachy

Strachy na Lachy
Obłąkany obłok
March, 2018
Music Video
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Strachy Na Lachy (properly Międzymiastówka Muzykująca Strachy Na Lachy) is a Polish rock band launched in 2002 by Krzysztof "Grabaż" Grabowski.

Strachy Na Lachy (Empty Threats) is led by Krzysztof "Grabaż" Grabowski and Andrzej "Kozak" Kozakiewicz, who also play in the punk group Pidżama Porno. They formed Strachy Na Lachy in order to play softer music, such as rock ballads. Their first album, Strachy Na Lachy, was released in August 2003, and a second, Piła Tango, the title track of which became their first hit, was released at the end of 2005.

They often play in the Piwnica 21 Club in Poznań.

The 'Obłąkany Obłok' music video was filmed in 2 countries: Poland and Spain (Tenerife). It has recently reached a round number of 1 million views on YouTube.